Benefits Of Cleansing Diet

Having a healthy body may seems so easy with the idea of just regular exercise and healthy diet. However, dieting and exercise programs are both difficult to follow especially if you are busy with your family or work.

While exercise and dieting are critically important, you have to consider many other things that can essential help improve your over-all health. What I am talking is about cleansing diet. You had probably heard or done some types of cleansing before but are you really aware of its benefits? This post will give you a detailed overview about the beneficial advantages of doing a cleansing diet.

What is Cleansing Diet

First off, what is a cleansing diet? Cleansing is an eating process which restricts any food intake for a given period of time, usually around five to seven days. Cleansing is often linked to detox diet which are both practically similar. The dieter often take fruit drinks or water as an alternative to possible cleanse your digestive system.

Most people claims that this kind of diet provides tons of benefits while others are totally against the idea, especially physicians. Why? Because they are no medical evidence that cleansing really works and beneficial for the body. However, many people who undergone diet cleansing have testified that it really helped their health to improve.

Cleansing diet is often prescribed by nutritionists, dietitians, chiropractors, naturopaths, herbalists and other alternative medicine practitioners. Like dieting, there are different types of “cleansing” such as master cleanse, water cleansing, fruit diet cleansing and many others.

Since we are bombarded with hundreds of diseases including the plague of obesity, many health experts are depending on alternative medicine, which cleansing diet plays a big part. You can almost see dozens of cleansing diet books online, cleansing drinks and many others. Well, do we really need cleansing?

In my own opinion, yes we need cleansing. Why? Because today’s environment are not pure but full of pollutants that heavily downgrades our health. The air we breathe, the house we live in and even the fruits and vegetables that we eat are not free from pesticides and harmful chemicals. Yes, we need some kind of cleansing from time to time in order to wash out all these toxins and other impurities inside our body.

Cleansing Diet Benefits

There are a lot of claims with regards to cleansing diet and all of these claims are truly promising. While there are no concrete evidence that a cleansing process can really help improve your health, many people are still considering cleansing diet. Below are some of the benefits of cleansing diet (some details are from Skeptoid).

Boost your Mental Power

A cleansing diet, according to expert, can eliminate all the residues of alcohol, coffee, sugar, flours, tobacco and many other toxic substances. As you know, these compounds are harmful once it accumulates in greater number inside your body. These compounds will become “toxins” which are not a good word with regards to health. So when you cleans or you detoxify your body through the right foods, you also eliminate these disease-causing toxins out of your body thus resulting to a healthier you.

Strengthen the Immune System

This is one underrated benefits of cleansing diet. When you are detoxifying your body, you are also boosting your immune system because you are getting more vitamins and minerals from your alternative dieting regime. In contrast, your normal or unhealthy diet won’t do any good for your body and it could also weakened your immune system through eating junk foods.

Healthier Diet

Cleansing diet requires more natural and healthy foods that consists of lots of fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other important nutrients that your body needs. These foods includes whole grains, lean meat, fruits and vegetables. Getting used to a cleansing dieting regime means that you are applying a healthier dieting program.

Improved your Body’s Natural Systems

Cleansing diet has said to help improve your body’s over-all system that includes your respiratory, digestive, reproductive, circulatory, cardiovascular and many others. Cleansing diet replenishes all your vital organs such as the liver, intestines, heart, lungs, kidneys and the rest of your body system. This leads to a better circulation of blood and continuous replenishment of vitamins, nutrients and other essential minerals that the body needs.

Eliminate the Toxins of your Body

Toxins doesn’t just come from the residues of foods that we eat, it can also be acquired through our environment. Substances such as asbestos, mercury, lead and many others are all harmful chemicals that can be found inside our house. Through inhalation or direct contact, we can get these toxins easily without noticing it.

What cleansing do is to remove these toxins and prevent it from harming our systems. These can be done through effective and correct fasting method with healthy drinks as your alternative food.

Treatment for Various Diseases

One common claim for cleansing diet is that, it can help treat some known diseases. Although this claim is a bit odd and close to a hoax, there are a lot of people that claims that cleansing diet did cure their diseases. Of course, there are no solid evidence that proves this benefit as a dependable information with regards to cleansing diet.

The reported diseases that cleansing diet can treat includes the following:

  • abnormal sugar levels
  • skin diseases such as acne
  • substance addiction
  • aging
  • some allergies
  • anxiety disorders
  • bad breath
  • bloating
  • some cancers
  • chemical exposures
  • depression
  • diabetes
  • headache
  • hormone dysfunction
  • indigestion
  • liver issues
  • memory loss
  • thyroid issues

These reports are commonly seen on different online sites. These reports however lack scientific evidences that cleansing diet can indeed cure these conditions.

Weight Loss

The most common reason why most dieters apply a cleansing regime. As weight issues continuous to affect humans, there is a big demand on how to deal with weight gain and most people don’t know how to overcome this dilemma. The most simplest thing to do is to do a cleansing diet. However, most people views cleansing as “fasting”, which gives a bad impression to cleanse diets.

In my view, a correct detox program can help improve your over-all weight loss endeavors. However, you should not concentrate your slimming plan entirely to just cleansing because it can also cause negative health effects.

Conclusion on Cleansing Diet

Everybody has its own dieting regime and if yours greatly involves cleansing, then it is your choice. These benefits could be true or otherwise ineffective depending on your belief. Remember that dieting is a serious commitment that highly involves your health on the line, one mistake can be disastrous.

The FDA does not test, review, or approve the safety and effectiveness of appetite supplements. If you are considering using herbal products to control hunger, be sure to collect all data before buying. You may even want to consult your doctor or pharmacist before purchasing one or more of them. Some products are expensive and may not be as effective as you hope.

To get the most out of your detox plan, you need to seek advise from professional dieting experts especially if your only goal is to lose weight. They will provide you the perfect and personalized eating program that gives optimal health benefits, and this includes natural and healthy weight loss. If you like to know where to seek help, try these online dieting plans that offers personalized dieting program. I am sure that they can provide the best solutions to your weight loss issues.