Best Naruto Merchandise to buy in 2022

The new anime series toys Naruto Shippuden has just started airing and everyone’s excited about it. The story is based on the popular manga by Masashi Kishimoto, one of the most popular mangaka in Japan. And with good reason! From the start there was a lot of hype surrounding this anime. It had an interesting plot line that was very different from what people are used to see in anime. It also featured many characters that were not typical of other anime shows. So if you’re looking for something different or want to be able to say “I’ve seen everything” then I’m sure you’ll enjoy this anime as much as we did. 

We already reviewed some of the Naruto merchandise available on Amazon and while they weren’t bad, they didn’t have anything special. There isn’t any Naruto merchandise available at Walmart yet but when it does come out we will review them too. But before we get into all that, let’s talk about what makes Naruto so unique and why it’s worth your time to watch this anime show. 

Naruto is set in a world where ninjas, known as shinobi, are the main form of defense against evil forces. Ninjas can use their skills and abilities to become invisible, teleport, manipulate objects, throw fireballs, create illusions and even summon animals and demons. This power comes at a price though. If a ninja uses too much of his chakra (the energy that allows him to do these things) he will lose consciousness and die. To combat this risk, each ninja learns how to control chakra better than others. They also learn to increase the amount of chakra they can utilize through physical training and meditation. 

This is where Naruto comes in. He’s a young boy who lives with his mom and dad in the countryside. His father is a powerful shinobi who also happens to be the village headman. One day after hearing rumors about his son being able to perform amazing feats, he sends his wife and son to live with his friend Kakashi Sensei, a famous shinobi who trains children like Naruto. Kakashi takes Naruto under his wing and teaches him the basics of ninjutsu. After learning from Kakashi, Naruto grows stronger and more confident. That’s when he meets Sasuke Uchiha, a mysterious member of the Akatsuki clan. 

Sasuke is interested in learning ninjutsu himself and asks Naruto to teach him. As their friendship develops, Sasuke begins to develop feelings for her. During one practice session with Naruto, Sasuke accidentally loses his memory. When he regains his memory, he realizes that he is actually a half-blood. This means that his father is an Uzumaki and his mother is a Konohamaru. He is the reincarnation of his ancestor Minato Namikaze, the fifth Hokage. Naruto doesn’t know this though and tries to help him regain his memories. At first he thinks Sasuke is crazy until he discovers that Sasuke really has no idea who he is. 

Naruto now finds himself caught between two powerful enemies. On one side is Sasuke, a dangerous rogue who wants to kill him because he feels that Naruto is trying to steal his identity. On the other side is Orochimaru, a ruthless master shinobi who wishes to take over the villages, starting with Konohagakure. Both sides are looking to recruit Naruto into their ranks. 

There are plenty of twists throughout this anime series that keep it fresh and make every episode exciting. We won’t spoil them here but I think you should definitely watch this anime series once it starts airing. You might even find yourself watching several episodes back to back and not knowing which one to start next. There is just so much action and excitement in this anime. In addition to its great storytelling, it also features a cast of incredible characters. 

Like any good story, the drama and conflict that happens in Naruto is only possible because of the relationships that build up between the main characters. For example, Naruto may be a strong fighter but he lacks confidence and self-esteem. He needs someone to believe in him and support him. Kakashi is his teacher and mentor. He teaches him how to improve himself and becomes a good role model for him. Sasuke is his rival and the two fight constantly. Their friendship forms the backbone of the story. 

In addition to the relationship building, there is also plenty of action and fighting going on. There are two warring factions in the show and both sides need Naruto to join them. You don’t have to worry about whether the storyline will interest you because it is constantly evolving and growing. Just like real life, situations change and evolve as the story progresses.