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Delta is a brand that’s been around for over 40 years, and it’s known primarily for its vaporizers. But the company has recently begun to diversify into other areas of vaping. One such product is the disposable vape pen, which is a compact device designed to be used once and then thrown away. 

Why would someone want to purchase a disposable vape pen? Well, they might want one because they’re not interested in owning an expensive vaporizer like the Pax 3 or the more costly desktop mods. They might also want one because they don’t have much space at home and need something smaller than a full-size portable vaporizer. Or maybe they just don’t want to invest in a new vaporizer every few months. They provide the most affordable delta 8 disposables without risking the quality.

What can you expect from a disposable vape pen? Let’s take a look at the basics first before moving on to some specific features. 

The Basics Of The Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pen 

Let me start by saying this: You cannot use this as your only vaporizer. This will work best when paired with a mod capable of supporting higher wattage. For example, if you have a high wattage vape kit, you’ll get better flavor and vapor production from this pen compared to using it by itself. And you should consider buying one of those kits before you buy this pen.

But if you do plan to use it alone, here are some things I’d recommend keeping in mind. First off, make sure you clean your device well after each use. Second, don’t use it in places where you’re exposed to water; put it in your pocket so it doesn’t leak. Third, never leave it unattended. I’ve heard that people have left their disposable pens on their desks while working and ended up burning down their office building. Don’t let that happen to you! 

Now that we’ve covered some general tips, let’s move on to specifics. There are three main parts to this pen: the tank, atomizer, and battery. Here’s what you’ll find inside. 

Tank: It’s important to note that this tank is not refillable. That means you’ll need to buy another tank every time you run out of e-liquid. Some people say that’s okay because you’ll be throwing them away anyway. However, I’m not sure I agree with that logic. Why spend money on something you won’t keep? 

Atomizer: This part of the pen contains two coils. One coil is for producing thick clouds of vapor and the second coil is for producing small hits. Both coils contain wicks that absorb the e-liquid. And both coils can be removed without damaging the remaining components of the pen. 

Battery: As far as batteries go, they’re pretty standard. They’re lithium ion rechargeable cells, and they last about 300 puffs. If you were to run out of juice right now (which you won’t), you could charge it via USB cable until you have enough power again. 

I know what you’re thinking: How long does it take to charge? Well, it takes anywhere between two and four hours depending on your battery. So you might be able to have a spare charged in case you suddenly run out of juice while you’re on the go. 

One thing worth noting is that the battery compartment is very tiny. In fact, it’s so small that I had to remove my iPhone 4S from my pocket to get it back in there. And I have a big phone! 

Another thing worth knowing is that the battery is replaceable. So if you decide later that you don’t want to continue using this disposable vape pen, you can easily replace the battery yourself. Just unscrew the top of the pen and pop out the old one. Then screw in a new one, turn it on, and you’re good to go. 

And finally, one last thing: This is not a toy! Please don’t treat this device like one. 

Features Of The Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pen 

As I mentioned earlier, the Delta 8 disposable vape pen comes with two coils. Each coil consists of two parts: the wick and the heating element. The wick absorbs liquid, and the heating element heats it up. Then the vapor travels through the tube and exits through the mouthpiece. 

There are two ways to heat up the wick. The first way is called direct contact heating, and it uses a heating element located near the bottom of the wick. When you press the button, the heating element will activate and heat up the wick. The second way is known as indirect heating, and it uses a light bulb instead of a heating element. When you press the button, the light bulb turns on, causing the wick to warm up. 

When you press the button, an LED indicator lights up to let you know how hot the coil has become. Keep pressing the button until the indicator stops glowing red. Once the coil is heated, the wick begins absorbing the liquid, and it will gradually begin to release vapor.

You can adjust the temperature of the coil by changing the resistance value. Higher resistance values mean hotter temperatures, whereas lower values mean cooler ones. 

If you want to use the Delta 8 disposable vape pen for dry herbs, you can attach the included adapter. This enables you to connect a mouthpiece to the pen and allows you to enjoy your vaporized herb. 


Is it true that you are prepared to get one of these dispensable vape pens? Indeed, I trust this survey has made you mull over whether you truly need one. Assuming that you choose to feel free to get one, ensure you read all that I’ve composed previously. These are significant subtleties you want to be aware prior to buying the Delta 8 dispensable vape pen.