Can You Host A Successful Event Online?

With the pandemic striking the world, it has been observed that people carry out all the events, both educational and entertainment, through a virtual mode as it becomes easy to gather people and does not involve risk of transmission of the virus or other difficulties. At the same time, it is essential to contact a popular and reliable organization that deals with such things and provides its clients with the best service possible. The Virtual event and livestreaming studio Singapore is one of the places to look for to get a world-class experience and enjoy the services fully.

About the service

The Virtual event and livestreaming studio Singapore is one of the best places for an array of services, including hybrid and virtual events, and is considered best for customer engagement enablers, video APIs, digital activations, and other services live streaming solutions there are. It is an entirely customized and tailored experience that can carry out all the possibilities and fulfill the demands of their clients in the best possible way with minimum glitches. Besides completing it quickly, the team also ensures that the clients are happy with the service provided to them and do not face any issues whatsoever. Also, their sole motive is to make all the events a great success and keep all the businesses up and running in the long run.

Why choose them?

It is beneficial to choose a Virtual event and livestreaming studio Singapore because of the following characteristics:

  1. It increases engagement possibilities: there are several games based upon high-level graphics and HTML integrated with a leaderboard and offers a wall of fame that has images of either winners or nominees. Also, there is a leadership corner where all the messages from the leadership team are given to the clients.
  2. There is a proper and customized process for registration and login: integration involves all the complex databases and API that involves third-party databases. The authentication is based on SMS and e-mail.
  3. It has the best security and scalability to offer: it offers 100% protection that uses SSL and firewalls, WAF, and DDOS for a high-level security protocol. All the content is delivered, making use of the top CDN’s along with an N+N backup plan that is used in almost every process and equipment. The geo-redundancy system built is made use of in multiple continents and helps to achieve a target of maximum automation in the industry.

What does it offer?

The Virtual event and livestreaming studio Singapore have to offer the following to its clients:

  • An interface that can be customized according to the customers and is approved after 100% customer satisfaction
  • They schedule webinars that are both live as well as semi-live
  • All the 3D designs are remarkable and unique as compared to the others available in the market
  • They also have to offer a DIY booth builder on their website
  • There is 24/7 customer service and support available
  • It includes a library of more than 100 games
  • All the recommendations are AI-based
  • It provides detailed data analytics
  • It has a B2B meetings scheduler
  • It has a live chat as well as a business card exchange feature

Keeping these aside, it is also one of the most trusted and secured online platforms used by hundreds of individuals across the world. Besides, the experience is magical and is something beyond excellent for people wanting to organize a transformational event of their lives.

What is included in the demo?

The demo for the Virtual event and livestreaming studio Singapore includes the following:

  • It offers a comprehensive view of the virtual platform
  • Offers suggestions for attendee engagement
  • Provides tips and tricks for networking
  • Gives several options for branding and exhibiting
  • Gives an idea of the uses of the platform possible
  • They offer a live and ongoing demo session

Besides, it is a one-stop destination for individuals looking for endless opportunities and wanting to make their event a success without having to go through difficulties and other added problems.

Thus, Virtual event and livestreaming studio Singapore is the right choice for all the events that are to be conducted in the future and can be trusted without a doubt.