Different Kinds Of Contact Lenses: Finding the best one

If you use contact lenses, it is important to choose the best one. There are different types of contact lenses that you are supposed to know first. Each of the types has different characteristics and features. It would be best to find a certain lens that will fit your eyes best. You can either go for blue cat eyes contacts or any other contact lenses as per your preference.

Contact lens options

A contact lens can be categorized into different types as per its usage and functions. The different individual prefers different types of lens. A few of the various types of lenses are described below that you can choose among.

  • Daily wear lenses

These are the cheapest lenses that you need to take out and disinfect every night. Moreover, it is also important to replace on some set schedule. Its replacement time can vary following its brand and type, ranging from two weeks to 3 months. Some so many individuals use these kinds of lens.

  • Extended wear lenses

As the name suggests, these lenses are designed for wearing overnight. But you may need to take them out at least once a week for disinfection and cleaning. But it is better to use these kinds of lens only after consulting a doctor first. According to many experts, these lens types may reduce the amount of oxygen that your eyes.

  • Disposable lenses

There are disposable lenses that you are to throw away after every use. These types of contact lenses do not need any maintenance. It costs you more as you need a pair of it every day. But these are very convenient and comfortable. Moreover, disposable lenses should be replaced monthly or weekly, but these need extreme regular care for obvious reasons. If you have allergies, then using such a lens is a good option for you.

  • Toric lenses

People mainly use this type of lenses for correcting astigmatism. Whether you have blue cat eyes contacts or another type of eyes, you can get a toric lens as per your need. Astigmatism is such a condition where your eyes become blurry due to irregularity in the shape of the lens or cornea of the eyes. Toric lenses are certainly more expensive than other types of lenses available there.

  • Colored lenses

As its name suggest, these types of lenses can change its colours of your eyes. For example, if your eyes are brown but you decide to wear blue lens, then it will certainly make your eyes appear blue. Compared to other lenses described above, this kind of lens is mainly worn for purely cosmetic purposes.

Choosing the right lens

First of all, you are supposed to do proper online research to find the best lens that you can wear. On the other hand, consulting an eye specialist will also be beneficial for you. The expert will recommend you the benefits of wearing a certain lens type in detail. You can also talk to a person who is already using a lens.