Different Ways to Remain Unidentified On the Internet

The Internet is a hostile place. There is nothing that you cannot perform on the Internet. From doing transactions to watching and sharing videos online, you can do anything on the Internet. However, cyber crimes have also increased to a great level due to this digitization. People use your private information to bribe you, and somehow you become the victim of online fraud.

 These cybercriminals are so smart and intelligent that it is difficult for you to fool them. Whenever you search anything online on a browser or Google, it is no doubt tracked by the authorities and sometimes a hacker. Then how can you protect yourself? There are several ways you can use to make sure that your information is safe with you only and nobody can access it. 

 Some of them are listed below. You can choose any one of them according to your preference and relieve yourself from internet scams and enjoy the freedom of sharing anything online.

Use a virtual private network

This platform is specially designed to protect your data online and relieve you from fraud. Vpn blocks internet trafficking and makes your data secure via encryption and authentication. There are several vpn applications available online. You can choose them according to your preference. This platform makes sure that your IP address is changed and untraceable. 

No matter what kind of application you use on this platform, nobody can track your online activities. Therefore, it is a safe option if you often visit cyber cafes or coffee shops where open wi-fi is available. Furthermore, you can order your Express VPN on your device by following a few steps.

Ensure your applications are encrypted

If you use any application on your entire device, make sure that they are strongly encrypted. You can use a secure browser for any of your searches as well. This masks your IP location, especially if running a tech business. You must be well aware of how your data can be misused if you do not take precautions.

 If you are using any application for texting, sharing videos, and locations, make sure that your data is end-to-end encrypted. These will guarantee you that nobody can browse your information under any condition. Either professional or normal, no one can access your data until you themselves reveal it if you use encrypted applications and browsers.

Use secure emails

We are so indulged in Google that we use Gmail as our information provider every time. However, this platform usually keeps all our private messages stored on their servers. Therefore, it is quite ineffective and unsafe. That is why there are several other secure options available where you can create your email, and the emails you send or receive are not visible on their servers. 

These platforms are free of cost and provide 100% security. For example, you can now make any important mails without worrying about servers seeing it. Along with that, you can also opt for using temporary emails.

 If you have registered in any unwanted application with your email and they are sending you numerous emails, then change your mail-id. In this way, you can be safe from spam companies. 

Use encrypted storage services

If you want your photos, videos, or personal data, remain safe. You can opt for encryption storage. There are several services which enable you this option. You can buy it for your device, or if you are using ios, it is already available on your device. 

These servers provide end-to-end encryption on your device where you can store anything without fearing leaking out. These hackers are way too smart, but you can step ahead by using some encryption.

Enable app permission

Several applications require your permission to get accessed on other devices. If you enable it, nobody can open any of your data without your acknowledgment. It is a great way to secure your data. This stores all your documents, photos, and files on your device with extra safety. Make sure you go through this entire basic thing before sharing anything on your device.

Read the privacy policies

Well, you must read all the policies an application provides you. It will make sure that you are not using any unwanted, risky applications to use. Go through all the terms and conditions of the application before using it. If you do not read it, you can become a victim of online fraud. So it is a really important tip to follow.