E-cigarette And Its Uses

I probably should add here that neither I nor the blu electronic cigarette company makes any claims that anyone else will have the same results that I did. I realize each person is different and e-cigarettes are not for everybody. I’m just relating my story to let everybody know what is possible if you’re willing to give the e-cigarette a try.

I ordered my first blu electronic cigarettes in December of 2009 from a vape shop near me, not because I had any interest in quitting smoking, but because of the new bans prohibiting smoking in restaurants, bars, and pretty much any other public place.

So my intention was actually not to smoke less, but to be able to smoke even more by having my e-cigs while I was inside and my regular cigarettes while I was outside. Little did I know at that moment, that a year later (at the time of this article) I would not have lit another cigarette from the time I took my first puff from my blu. Not one! And I have no desire to.

I Tried Everything To Quit Smoking!

I was what I would consider being a fairly heavy smoker at 2 packs a day. I smoked for more than 30 years and enjoyed every puff. However, changing laws that were obviously trying to completely stamp out smoking from the entire planet was making the simple act of smoking a cigarette a major hassle, which is the whole point I guess.

Add to that the growing intolerance to cigarette smoke everywhere you go, and it was beginning to be a lot less enjoyable for me. So, several times I half-heartedly tried to give them up – even though I felt like ‘doubling up’ – probably because of the perceived pressure for me to quit!

I first tried the Nicorette gum and was continuously finding myself with a lit cigarette in the ashtray that I didn’t even remember lighting. If the psychological aspect of smoking isn’t being addressed (holding the cigarette in your fingers) that can really throw a wrench in your efforts to quit. Who knew!

Anyway, I tried the nicotine patches next and wanted a cigarette the whole time I wore it (for one month) and promptly ‘lit one up as soon as I took the patch off. I went on to try to quit ‘cold turkey, but that wasn’t happening either….

Taking Chantix was my next attempt at quitting smoking, and for the first few days, it seemed they might actually work. I would often get nauseated after taking the drug, but I wanted to try and stick it out this time, so I managed to put up with that for a couple of months. But when I started hearing crazy rumors that people who took Chantix were committing suicide, that was just the excuse I needed to give that up, after which I promptly started smoking again.