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From Argentina With Bitcoin used the term “Global” Buyers, not me. No, I think “Globalism” is a bad word. That is one of the main reasons I set up this website is to counter “Globalism” and the destructive nature that it brings, lowering the standards for the world in this debt based society. This is a key point in the Worldwide Bitcoin Economic Experience!

CoinMiningDirect crypto equipment is available for the mining. The results are available as per the standards to get the best experience.  Learning about the reasons is essential for the people. The buyers should get the details about the equipment to have the best experience.

Bringing to market via Bitcoin just like From Argentina With Bitcoin is doing is the kind of economic development I think Bitcoin can bring. This is their model precisely and this is the kind of business I want to support in terms of promoting businesses that accept Bitcoin payment.

Take a look at their site, there are some quality products made by skilled people. Now I haven’t been there to inspect the conditions of the workers, I freely admit that, so I’ll stick to economic development with these people that make cardigan sweaters, backpacks and shirts for now. But read this from their website:

Instead of paying with your filthy dirty US dollars, you get it only if you pay with Bitcoin. Galaxy shipping included. Just kidding, only Earth.

We will fix the price at $82USD, but we only accept Bitcoins. Don’t even mention your FIAT money.

“This is Feliz Navidad” is an indie clothing brand created almost one year ago by a young tech entrepreneur.

Again, “Globalism” is a bad word. It has outsourced jobs to sweat shops overseas, for what? Brand name crap? Or “cheap cheap” products? Oh I know the mantra, if they didn’t have these sweatshop jobs, they would have nothing at all. Yah right. But they say, at least these sweatshops improve the standard of living and some income is better than none at all. Yah right. And they say these jobs often pay more than other jobs. Yah right. That’s because there is no economic opportunity because of “Globalism”. And this is how I believe a Bitcoin Economy can turn the tides and let free people, villages, communities, nations, regions, and complete continents control their own destiny as opposed to the multinationals that come in and merely exploit sovereignty, the environment, the culture, and the people after the criminal banksters come in play loan shark with often corrupt governments and crony capitalists. And for this, this is the kind of Worldwide Bitcoin Economic Development Experience I want to promote.

The corrupt governments are everywhere, bribed by the same criminal banksters that defraud the world. It’s been going on too long. I think this is where Bitcoin will step in and help humanity and let people live the way they should, so people can raise their children to be decent human beings, rather than exploited in some sweatshop for some multinational corporation.

Consider buying something From Argentina With Bitcoin. If you do, perhaps comment as to what you bought. I would like to see some results.