Getting Back In The Dating Game – Register at the dating sites 

Have you suddenly been thrown back into the dating world? Despite all the relationship advice for man that you read online, you are still at a loss when it comes to dating or how to attract women. Here is some dating advice for man that you should consider before joining the dating game after a while.

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Getting the basics right

Before jumping back into the dating world, find out if you are emotionally, psychologically or even financially ready to be in a new relationship. Do not start dating because you want to get even with your ex who has gone back to dating or to replace a deceased partner. If you are still holding on to your past, the ideal thing would be for you to abstain from starting a new relationship – you should instead date yourself, take the time to heal and to recognize yourself.

Wet your toes

You do not have to rush into the dating arena right away – browse online relationship sites, meet like minded people. Talk to people and refine your rusty flirting skills, find out the style which works out best for you. You may join dating sites which are relevant to your particular situation like dating sites specifically for divorced people, senior citizens or single parents.

Work on your appearance

Your spouse may have loved you despite your bald head, remaining grey hair or fat belly – but if you want to attract new women, you need to look your best. Invest in a new hair cut, hit the gym more often have or a complete makeover as well as buy some new clothes. Dress up to impress your date, and always look your best whenever you are going out, you may never know, your next partner might be just a few meters away.


The more confident you are about yourself, the more successful you are likely to be with the opposite sex. Women love confident men who can lead a conversation and ultimately a relationship. You should therefore show confidence by having the right tone when you are speaking, right posture and body language. Also, confidence is a quality which is likely to build up with experience – so talk to more women, practice your speaking skills with less important women like the female cashier at your local store or even the cute secretary at your office. This will make you feel more at ease vis a vis women and you are likely to open up more easily. If you still feel your heart racing whenever you are in front of a beautiful woman, remember that the worst she can do is turn you down but fortunately the sea is full of other fish.

It may take some time before you adjust to the new rules of the dating world, especially if you have not dated for quite some time. Most importantly, if you want to start a new relationship, you need to be ready to be with someone new and you need to give yourself the chance to meet new people.