Hmmm My Ex Lives My Best Friend – What are the steps?

“It’s over!”

This is a two-word declaration that hurts as painful as thousand thrashes. In most cases, recently- separated couples prefer to be physically beaten than holding a broken heart. Emotional pain hurts a hundred folds than being cut in the flesh.

But whether you like it or not, you are left with no other choice but to fight and deal with the aftermath of the split. If you think that this isn’t easy, I share the same feeling with you. Thus, if you feel that the pain is stabbing you softly to death, I’ve been to this experience at some point in my life. Everybody gets the fair share of living everything about life. Everybody gets the chance to get hold of all the pains and smiles as life continues to roll its wheels.

There is a need to understand the law of attraction for the starting of the new relationship. The collection of the details about the law is essential for the availability of desired results.

Everybody gets to be in this emotional challenge. That’s one of the few things that contribute to similarities among all humans. On the contrary, what distinguishes every human being from the other is the means of handling life’s dares and trials.

More specifically, there are few groups of people who don’t care about spending more than half of their life weeping, sobbing, and making it miserable. On the other hand, there lies another group of individuals who make everything from their end to mend and move on from this dilemma. These people are courageous enough to fight all the odds along the way no matter where it leads them.

Speaking of courage, it takes a lot of this virtue to fill the emptiness in their persona. It demands a lot of strong determination to give yourself a fight. Yes, you might be entangled in vines of disappointment in heading towards your goal of completely letting go of your ex, your relationship, and your love.

My Ex Likes My Best Friend

This makes the hurting more throbbing. Breaking up with the most loved person in your life is aching in no contradiction. Nonetheless, the thought that his or her love and devotion that you supposed to be felt goes to a trusted friend kills you softly.

Insulted. Conceited. Deceived.

Getting to know these negative feelings grow not just anger but hatred towards the deceitful. How can you fight for your love when you are the only person who keeps holding on? How can you let go of the feeling when it keeps on hunting you wherever you go. You can’t hide from the aftermath of defeat. As what I previously mentioned in this piece of writing, you have no other choice but to bravely face it. However, you might have this bewilderment as to how and when to start.

Allow me to share some pieces of advice to blow all the confusions away.

Believing that you are still together as you continue to have some sorts of required communication is not just false but actually harmful. More elaborately, never ever let yourself be tempted of getting into arguments with your past lover for the hope of changing their minds towards the break up. It does not help at all. You are just adding fire to the unstoppable blazing inferno.

Not just that, never leave any reminders of yourself to your ex. Get all your things and never leave any traces of your old relationship to avoid getting into a more depth quarrel and conflicts. You might find it beneficial to get your belongings through requesting somebody to get it all for you.

Moreover, never draw your friends into taking sides. Your friends hold the most abundant source of support in times of a broken relationship. You and your ex might have friends in common. Therefore, avoid talking about the split as well as being so transparent to your feelings as of the moment. Asking advices from them to get the other one back must be shun from. This is primarily because of the fact that they most certainly relay the message back to the latter. This paves way to putting all the power in your ex’s court. Thus, you will likely to be treated as a loser by your ex and your best friend. I’m sure that you don’t want that to happen, do you?

Act as rational and as disinterested as possible. Getting angry and acting like a fool will just make them think that they shouldn’t be with you after all. Have a dramatic and a graceful exit.

Cancel all the plans for the future that you had made with your ex. Acceptance holds the key to do this. Look at ways of modifying those plans so that you can go ahead with your own leading to the betterment of yourself.