How To Lose Love Handles Fast – Know about the tactics

The phrase “love handles” is somewhat fascinating, and self-contradictory. Love handles is in fact a slang term for the extra fat or flesh or on your waist. Love handles on the waist indicate poor abdominal health and they make your belly look ugly. To get rid of them, you can try a couple of exercises outlined below.

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Exercises To Lose Love Handles

Pelvic Lifts – You should lie with your back on the floor and then raise your legs straight upwards so that your legs are inclined at 90 degrees with the floor. Then lift up your hips from the ground to the best level you can and stay in that position for the maximum amount of time you can and gradually lower down to ground level. You can repeat these steps 7-10 times for a day.

Elbow to Opposite Knee Crunch – This a bit tough but it is a really effective workout. Similar to pelvic lifts, you should lie down on the ground with your back facing the floor. Put your hands beneath the head with your elbows extended towards the chest. Raise your head along with the elbows from the floor and at the same time bring your left knee towards your right elbow and try to make a contact between the two. Repeat the same with the right knee and left elbow. This process focuses on the oblique muscles of your stomach.

Diet to lose Love Handles

Even though workouts greatly help people to lose love handles , it must be kept in mind that even the greatest workout is not likely to enable you to lose love handles until you control your diet. Sweets, fried, and other unhealthy choices must be avoided. An optimistic strategy is usually to have a diet plan that battles the fat helping to get rid of love handles. Uncooked, fresh and fiber-rich fruits, veggies, whole grain meals and lots more water are extremely nutritious and helpful to your diet plan.

Foods with increased fiber content will make you feel full longer thereby reducing your hunger. The best way to get rid of love handles is to include physical exercise and a diet plan into your daily regime.