Keep Your Phone Out Of The Reach Of Hackers With a VPN

Smartphones have become so entangled with our lives that one cannot imagine their lives without them now. With the widespread use of smartphones, internet penetration has increased multiple times. As every coin has two phases, you cannot ignore the risk of hacking. A VPN can prevent your phone from unwanted risks, including hacking. Keep reading to know more on the topic.

Understanding what VPN is

VPN stands for virtual private network, which is a system that encrypts your online traffic and routes it through an additional server. The primary function of this network is to keep an eye on how much information you reveal about yourself online.

It would be impossible for anyone to see your online activity because of the encryption, even if they have intercepted your connection in the middle. Your internet service provider will also not be able to spy on you when you use a VPN.

There are various VPN service providers you can find in the marketplace, but the quality is different for each one of them. You have to be very careful while choosing between getting a VPN. Nord VPN might be able to fulfill your expectations to the highest level. If you don’t believe this, read this Nord VPN review here to know all about it.

How does VPN protection work?

It must be clear to you that a VPN hides your IP address and prevents you from getting tracked by snoopers and third parties. This is how a VPN protects you.

If you have been using unsecured public Wi-Fi, a hacker can easily intercept your data, including your personal. But VPN provides you with an extra layer of protection, and the data is visible in the form of scrambled code. Any cyberattack requiring the knowledge of your IP address will be less likely to occur. It helps in keeping the hackers at bay.

Situations when VPN protects you

A VPN cannot protect your android from all kinds of online attacks, but there are some places it is suitable, like the following:

  • Man-in-the-middle

Attacks include intercepting, viewing, and tampering with your data. If a hacker launches a man-in-the-middle attack, he will be unsuccessful in the attempt.

  • Fake Wi-Fi hotspots

Who doesn’t love free public Wi-Fi, right? It has its own set of risks. For instance, hackers can develop fake hotspots, pretending to be legitimate options. The moment you connect your android with it, your personal information is revealed, which is not the case with VPNs.

  • DDoS attack

A VPN also prevents a distributed denial-of-service attack. These attacks include a massive influx of inflated traffic, crashing websites, and overloading servers. These are used in the gaming community to knock the players out.

Even if VPNs cannot protect you from every kind of hacking, they are helpful. The benefits they offer include offering super security, improved privacy, and some additional features.

By looking at this Nord VPN review, you now know that a VPN is an immense requirement to protect you while online. So, don’t wait for any accident to happen before getting a VPN service provider.