Law Of Attraction How Does It Work – Understand the working

The Law of attraction works by the power of vibration (see also vibration law of attraction). It rests on the foundation that everything is energy, which Quantum Physics now verifies (see Quantum Physics Law of Attraction). Everything is infact energetic wavelengths of possibility that are manifest into form by our thoughts and feelings. This is where the law of attraction comes in. Essentially, your thoughts and feelings are energy. They have a frequency or vibration. They are not inert, in fact, they are the very stuff reality is made of. 

You need to know about the working of the affirmation method to get happiness in life. The sharing of the thoughts and feelings is possible for the people. There is a need to understand the working of the techniques to have the desired results. It will provide more happiness to the people. 

You are engaging the law of attraction all the time. You are a vibrating magnet emitting energetic frequencies that are creating the reality you experience on a daily basis. Positive thoughts and feelings will attract positive realities. Many of the thoughts and feelings you have may be sourced in unconscious beliefs that were formed early in childhood. In this sense, some of the vibrations you send out may be uconscious and reflect beliefs, thoughts and feelings you are not aware of. This is why self-reflection, self-honesty (with compassion) and becoming conscious of what’s going on inside is so important to creating the life of your dreams. The solutions lie within. When you change, so does your world. It can’t not. 

It is sourced from inside you and is a reflection and extension of the entirety of your consciousness. This is why any amount of self-growth, healing, personal development and spirituality will improve your ability to manifest and attract the life of your dreams. It will help to raise your consciousness and energy so you become a clearer, brighter beacon to the realities you desire. What’s exciting about how the law of attraction works is that you can master it consciously. You can harness and direct the power of the law of attraction in your life to begin attracting your desires effortlessly. 

The law of attraction is a means of manifesting (see also law of attraction manifesting). The law of attraction is the power of resonance, of like attracts like. How does the law of attraction work? By aligning your heart and mind (your thoughts and feelings) to the outcome you desire you will resonate or vibrate at the frequency of this outcome, the very essence of the form of what you desire. Everything is energy, even your physical world that may appear very solid. On a quantum level, it is not solid at all! Your thought vibration and emotional resonace can attract what you desire into your life like a magnet. Conversley, your thought and feeling vibration is out of whack and not aligned it may attract your fears, doubts and limiting beliefs about self, others and the world. 

A common law of attraction myth however is that one should never feel negative emotions. Ignoring, repressing, denying or stuffing emotions down however is a recipe for disaster and what I describe as a law of attraction myth. It is a mistake some people make when they first come across the law of attraction (see law of attraction myth). Fearing your emotions is a negative emotion in itself. What’s more, if you repress your feelings or stuff them down they do not go away. Instead, their frequency will leak into your world and you will unconsciously manifest and attract realities that correspond to them until they are healed and cleared. 

What you resist persitst. Negative emotions are best released (techniques such as the emotional freedom technique or Sedona Method) or transmuted into higher emotions. Forgiveness is a powerful force for releasing whole clusters of emotions and a mind-body-soul detox For more information on how the law of attraction works, sign up to Manifesting Secrets for your Free Law of Attraction Resources in the optin form above left.