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Event Photography At The Jehangir Art Gallery, Fort, Mumbai

Adikriti Madhya Pradesh Tribal Painting Exhibition

We recently had the opportunity to do Professional Event Photography at One of the Most Prestigious Art Galleries in India – The Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.

Madhya Pradesh is a state with an abundant tribal population, a fact that gives it an organic link to the past. This reality has given the Madhya Pradesh Handicrafts & Handloom Development Corporation, a State Owned enterprise, the great responsibility to strike a fine balance between the call of modern progress and preservation of the cultural identity of the tribes.

The exhibition was an outcome of a series of efforts to preserve this Tribal Identity. A total of 16 artists from Dindori & Jhabua Districts of Madhya Pradesh participated and presented their work in two distinct painting style: “Gond and Pithora”

The Madhya Pradesh Handicrafts & Handloom Development Corporation for the first time introduced the beauty of these Tribal paintings onto a varied line of products. The objective was to ensure the conservation of this traditional art form and provide sustainable employment opportunity to the Tribal Artists of Madhya Pradesh.

Its good to know & see that the artists of Madhya Pradesh are now taking their traditional painting to the modern idioms of canvas. This initiative will enlighten the connoisseurs of art about a simple yet distinct style.

A great deal of credit goes to Mr.Ramakant Chaturvedi for organising & managing this event. It was a well planned event & Mr.Chaturvedi was instrumental in making it a success. Due credit must also go to Miss Anubhuti Beohar for helping the tribal community promote & sell their work of art. She is a very well known fashion designer & has done her fashion designing from National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) – Mumbai.

She also had her collection showcased at the exhibition along with the tribal art work & painting. Her work was a beautiful blend & fusion of the tribal art form which was packaged in a contemporary style. It was a pleasure to work with Miss Anubhuti & Mr. Chaturvedi on this assignment and we got some really good candid photographs at the event.

The exhibition was a success. Shri Uddhavji Thackeray & his son, Mr. Aditya graced the exhibition with their presence. Shri Uddhavji Thackeray is a true connoisseur of art & even he was very appreciative of the art works displayed by the tribal artists.

The exhibition got a very good media coverage through many Newspapers, News Channels like IBN Lokmat, CNN etc. Even a Press Conference was held at the exhibition. We feel extremely honored & privileged to be the official photographers for The Madhya Pradesh Handicrafts & Handloom Development Corporation.

  • Venue: Jehangir Art Gallery, Fort Mumbai.
  • Held On: 23rd June 2011 – 30th June 2011.

Our Candid Event Photography was a success & was extremely appreciated & liked by everyone involved with the event.

Here are a few of our favorite photographs shot at the event:

  • Event Photography At The Jehangir Art Gallery, Fort, Mumbai
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  • Professional Event Photography Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

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Captures from Professional Event Photography, India – Art Pixel Photography (Amit Desai)

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