Signs Of A Bad Relationship How To Know When Things Are Not Right

Just how are you able to tell that you’re in the right relationship or to see the signs of a bad relationship?

Are you starting to have doubts about restarting the relationship with this person? Often times when you end a relationship the only thing that you desire is to restart it, but it always happens that once you get back together you start to wonder if you’re in the right relationship.

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Unfortunately there is no surefire way to know if your partner is the right one for you for the rest of your life. It’s only possible to determine if you and your partner are compatible right now. We can’t predict the future, so for the time being you can take a look at your decision and figure out whether it was right for you.

There are several questions that you should ask yourself to determine if you’re in the right relationship for the time being. The most important question is, am I happy? This doesn’t mean you need to be in an eternal state of bliss, but your overall mood should be a happy and positive one.

here you may be experiencing some doubt because of unhappiness then you need to think more about it. If your feelings are good towards your partner however you may just be in the right spot for you. It’s important not to let and rogue feelings of doubt ruin a perfectly fine relationship.

If you find that you’re are feeling unhappy in your everyday relationship, why do you think this is? Often times this stems from the want to be with another person instead and that you’re missing out on all it has to offer.

It’s completely natural to have these kinds of thoughts on occasion. If you start to become obsessed with these “what if” scenarios, or cannot stop thinking about how much better things would be if you were with this other person, then maybe you’re not in the right relationship after all.

One question you need to answer is, do I feel safe in my relationship? This not only applies to feeling emotionally safe and secure, but as well as feeling free of any possibility of physical abuse. It’s absolutely essential that you feel completely safe and secure, there should never be a possibility that they will hurt you.

If you feel your partner is being unfaithful you’re no doubt spending a lot of your time being suspicious and preoccupied with this idea. This is no way to live life, you need to determine whether there is any truth to this as soon as possible.

When getting to the bottom of this you need to rule out any insecurities you may have and determine if this person would actually ever cheat on you. If there is not trust, then you’re probably not in the right relationship. All this causes is misery and constant discord in any relationship, which can cause a messy break-up.

Does your partner make you feel like you’re the only one in the world? If not then you may want to consider leaving the relationship. This is the key to what makes a good relationship, if you don’t feel like you’re the most important person in the world to your partner, then you’re not in the right relationship.