The Best Synthetic Urine Products To Help You Pass A Drug Test

Smoking weed and other recreational drugs are not allowed by most companies. CBD, THC, as well as marijuana and cannabinoids usage will be shown if took a company drug test. Some people simply ask a friend or family member that doesn’t do drugs for their urine. However, if you have no one to ask or if you don’t want your friends and family members to know about your drug usage, we have another option for you – synthetic urine kits. Synthetic urine kits will allow you to keep your job while still doing recreational drugs. This is a small price to pay compared to losing her job and going through the hiring process again, which will also include a drug test. Below we will list some of the best synthetic urine kits god will provide you with the highest chance to pass a drug test. Meanwhile, if you are interested in other related content, you can check out other articles posted on Mercurynews. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Test Clear

Test clear is one of the cheapest synthetic urine that you can use right now. This brand is one of the pioneers of synthetic urine, so people who are looking for a trusted brand should try this one. Test clear is different from other companies with their two main features, according to their website. First, Test Clear promotes their product as dehydrated urine, Which means that their products cannot be categorized as synthetic or fake. Another claim made by this company is that their product has never failed, not even once in their entire history of selling. With these kinds of strong points, we cannot help but recommend Test Clear products. 

When buying this product, you should check for the following items:

Sealed powdered urine

Transport vial with temperature strip

2 heaters (air activated)

This product can be purchased for only $49.95, which is cheap. We recommend you to purchase this product directly from their company website to avoid getting scammed by fake ones.

You can find a detailed instruction manual within the package. This instruction manual is also available on their website if you want to view it online.  With that said this product can be difficult to use. Additionally, this synthetic urine should be prepared in advance, so we do not recommend this product if your company conducts surprise testing for drugs.

  1. Sub Solution

ClearChoice carries a great standing among synthetic urine brands, and this reputation is not unfounded. This company is in operation since 2003, which makes them a tried and test company. Sub Solution is a new product, but that doesn’t mean that it is not effective. It can be purchased for $80, and comes with a regular container for transport as well as packets with a heat source. Take note that this product is not tested for modern drug tests, So be sure to check reviews and customer feedback on the internet to check its reliability.