The Empress Tarot Of The Day – Know about the tarot card reading 

The Empress is the embodiment of femininity, motherliness, sexuality, nature, desire, productivity and abundance of health and comfort. The full grown woman in the card wearing a crown of 12 stars displays power of the women to control or seduce anyone in the 12 zodiac signs. She is wearing a white gown with plum red pomegranates grown on it symbolizing her fertility and ability to create. The empress is sitting on lush couch full of cushions and red velvet sheet showing exuberance and luxury. She is sitting in the middle of a forest that is bright and full of life. This major arcana card has many interpretations. Some are pertaining to its literal meaning inspired by the elements of the card and some are more philosophical.

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Both interpretations show major similarities in terms of the power to create and seduce. The symbol of Venus emblazoned on one of the cushions associates the empress to all things beautiful and plentiful of love. The Venus is printed on a heart shaped pillow. The empress is surrounded by golden wheat, long green trees and a waterfall. All these elements show fullness of life, calmness of mind and plenty of time and resources to indulge in whatever the heart of the empress desires.

What does ‘The Empress’ card mean for you in a Tarot card revelation?

In general, the card means all things well, not only in a materialistic way but also subconsciously. Your mind is all powerful and has the ability to unleash your creativity and enhance your productivity in your personal and professional life. The empress card promises good luck and affects your feminine side. It can also mean motherhood and pregnancy. If you are a man, the card means that your creative side will soon bring you success in every sphere of your life. Every person, male or female has a feminine side and revelation of the empress card means that your connection to the nature, to the divine is stronger than ever and you have the power to control people and circumstances and turn them to your favor.

The fertility and birth aspect does not necessary indicate the birth of a child. It can also mean birth of an idea, a project, a relationship, a new career. Anything that you can create will be sustained by the potential of nature and divinity. This is also a day to treat yourself and indulge in any activity that brings happiness and peace to your mind.

Love Life: Under the influence of The Empress, you are powerful and with power you need to be aware of the responsibility in terms of how you use it. Your dynamic personality will garner you appreciation from both men and women in friendship and romance. If you are single, this can be a great time to search your soul mate. If you are in a relationship, your sensuality and desire can bring new light into your love life. You will soon be able to move into a healthier and deeper relationship. Use your power to analyze what your heart truly desires and use your potency to achieve your true goals in love.

Health: As the card suggests, this is a time for the fullness. So, if you are planning to get pregnant, now is a good time. You are physically and emotionally ready. If pregnancy is not something you want as of now, you must be doubly careful as the card suggests birth in near future. If you have been ill lately, try a new therapy. Your body needs naturopathy or homeopathy treatment and your mind needs some spiritual meditations for relaxation. If you feel tired, opt for foot reflexology or spa treatment, you deserve it.

Work and Career: You are protected by your guardian angels, so use this time to try all that you want. Put your ideas across your bosses and you’ll garner appreciation. This is a good time for you; things should start flowing to bring you success. Listen to your inner voice and do what you feel is right. It can be time to start a new project or career. Your ideas will be sustained and will bring you prosperity and recognition.

Finance: This is a period of abundance in your life. You will have a good flow of money but be sure to keep it going. Investments are a good option and you can also plan to treat someone special and spend your money on a good cause.