The Main Reason Women Betrayed Men

Betrayal usually occurs when a woman feels that she is not interested in his wife and his wife does not appreciate her. As observed by analysts from theislandnow, the number of men betraying their spouse is usually higher than the number of women betraying their spouse globally. But research has shown that the number of treacherous women has increased in recent years. So what is the reason behind the rise in these numbers?

According to a survey of every 3,000 participants, 20 % of women who have betrayed Spouse Have confessed themselves. But why are women betraying her husband? In this discussion, we cite 10 of these reasons.

1 – Revenge

Sometimes a woman’s lack of faith comes from her sense of revenge. Sometimes women are betrayed to their husbands, in spite of their inner will, to tell them how painful it is, and, interestingly, in many cases, they respond. 

“Men are not as sentimental as women, so in most cases, they do not understand the pain and suffering of the wife’s betrayals, unless they have had the taste of it,” said a researcher in the field. Women want to have the same conditions as their husbands because they feel that what they have been up to has no longer been worthwhile! »

2 – Incuriosity Spouse

Sometimes women’s disloyalty comes from the sense of neglect or indifference of the wife to problems. “Most women first try to tell their husbands that there is a problem and something upset about them, but if the husband does not notice indirect references, they will ignore their spouse or take seriously their laughs,” says a bachelor in charge. The woman is betrayed because she feels there is no other way. »

3 – Feeling insecure and emotional vacuum

Women need to be loved and admired. Family experts say: “Trap usually occurs when a woman feels that her husband is not interested in his wife, and his wife does not appreciate her. Usually, women are attracted to other men because they hear words and admiration that they do not hear from their husbands. Women like to always be wonderful in their husbands’ eyes. This is a serious belief! »

4 – Back to the past

Returning to previous relationships is an easy way to find someone who can compensate for the shortcomings of women’s lives for a short time. Of course, this solution is very cross-sectional and can not have a lasting effect. What women want is not the old one, but the feelings they experienced in the previous relationship or the vision they had at that time. Returning to past relationships makes women feel young, vibrant, and attractive.

5 – Uniform relationship

Most couples who have lived together for a long time feel little that they do not have the warmth and love of the first days. “The first days of a relationship are when you feel that you are chosen and interested, but on the long relationship between the case is completely different because other hormones that are already secreted in front of the other side of the body, They have become less. »

Of course, this problem is not inevitable, and there are techniques to combat the sense of uniformity and the production of hormones again; for example, you can hug your spouse for 20 seconds each day and have a romance. Interestingly, the lack of disagreement is not always a good sign. Fighting sometimes brings our love. Statistics show that couples who always have a relaxed relationship with no tension are more at risk of betrayal and insecurity.

6 – Fear of husband’s betrayal

Many women consider betrayal and insanity to be an inseparable part of men, and for this reason, they always have stress and fear. Even if their husband does not really betray them. Sometimes disloyal and starting a secret relationship is a way to reduce this anxiety!

7 – Cold married relationship

Couples who have been living together for a long time usually complain of the uniformity and coldness of sexual relations. In a survey in Europe in 2010, 81 percent of women said: “their marital relationship is cold and predictable and no longer attractive.”. »

8 – No common points

If a woman feels that she no longer shares her common interests or interests, she may be drawn to another, which has these concerns and interests. Most couples in the early days of dating feel they find someone who thinks like them and is sympathetic to them, but in many cases after a couple of years, this feeling is lost. Some women turn to disloyalty to fight loneliness and emptiness.

9 – Sickness

Women who develop a dangerous disease such as breast cancer may suddenly have a different, new vision. They review all parts of their life from the beginning and think more about death and nothingness.” Worse, these women may feel that when they need more than ever their husbands, they only survive, and now they are no longer considered by their husbands,” the expert said. . »

The feelings of these women are vulnerable to the betrayal of these deficiencies and negative emotions. It’s likely that they do not have much time left for them and they need to use more of their time.

10 – Gaining attention and adventure

Bachelors believed that women may feel that no one knows how much they are. They devote all their time to housework. They do homework; they take care of the children, and many even work out of the house. They want to be respected and the value of their work.

On the other hand, women are also looking for a bit of excitement and confusion in life. Many of these women only need some kind of love and attention. A woman who has enough joy in her marriage and has a warm and intimate relationship with her husband will never betray.