The Top 3 Things Your Business Should Be Doing To Attract More Customers Online

Did you know that over 70 percent of people that search online are looking for a local business? Did you know that when people are searching online, Google will show businesses within a 10 mile radius of where the person is located?

For the hiring of the best Ecommerce Agency, there is a need to use some tips. It will allow you to choose the right company for online commerce operations. Theof the correct details about them to get more results in the growth and development of the business. 

This is a HUGE deal! This is a tremendous opportunity for local businesses to capture new customers – yet the vast majority of businesses are not properly optimized to grab this new business. It can be very time consuming to keep up with Google (they change the way they rank sites frequently). Also, most businesses are busy enough trying to keep up with their business – figuring out Google isn’t a top priority (until now, of coarse).

We will assume you already have claimed your Google Local listing (if you have not, you definitely will want to start there). Below are seven quick tips on how to properly “localize” your business.

Tip 1

Make sure your address is clearly marked on your website. Seems logical, right? Did you know that over 50% of business websites DO NOT have a physical address posted anywhere? This is absolutely critical if you want to favorable rankings.

Tip 2

Have a system in place to capture online reviews. This builds credibility and Google tends to favor businesses that have received positive feedback from it’s customers.

Tip 3

Make sure your business is PROPERLY listed on Directory Sites (also known as “citation” sites).

Tip 4

Make sure the address on your website and Directory sites match 100%.

Tip 5

Localize Your Site. Make sure you have pages on your site that have “local” search terms. Example: If your a pizza parlor in New York – make sure you have pages and content on your site that have the phrase “New York Pizza” and different variations of that search term.

Tip 6

Link Your Google Local Page to a page on your site that has been LOCALIZED! That means the website URL on your google plus local (formerly known as Google Places) should link to a page on your website that has LOCALIZED terminology and/or verbiage on it.

Tip 7

Make sure you have pages on your website that MATCH the categories selected on your google plus local page.


It is YOUR responsibility to tell Google about your business – what you do and where you do it. If you do it correctly, you will be given favorable search rankings – which can bring in more business! It is important to note that Properly optimizing your business for google local search will take some time – plan on it being a SIX to TWELVE month project (depending on competition). You may see results sooner; however, don’t get disappointed if it takes longer. The sooner you start, the sooner you will see results!