Top 3 ways to kill ghasts in Minecraft

Minecraft is a fun game which is why it attracts millions of players from around the world. The game takes the players into an action packed world full of adventure and thrill with its extreme battles. However, the game can be quite challenging in itself and players might find themselves in situations that may seem impossible to get out from. When talking about the Minecraft mobs, one of the most terrifying and scary creatures are ghasts. Many players find it difficult to deal with ghasts because of their nature and attacks.

Ghasts in Minecraft

Ghasts in Minecraft game are popular for their loud screeches that are both frustrating and terrifying, along with the ranging and fiery attacks that can make travelling much harder for the players. Ghasts can be killed and they must be killed as soon as they are spotted as they can lead to a lot of destruction. The fireballs they use can lead to a significant damage to the gamers as well as the surrounding environment in the game. They are one of the most feared ones in Minecraft and for all the true reasons.

Killing ghasts can be quite a task and it is not as easy as one may think. Even the most seasoned and experienced players find it quite difficult to deal with the ghasts and killing them eventually. There are a few tips and tricks that might help players beat the ghasts successfully to move ahead in the game. alt shops may also help in learning how to kill ghasts in Minecraft.

Bow and Arrow

Most players especially experienced players, use bow and arrow to kill ghasts as quickly as possible. This is a very common method to kill ghasts in Minecraft. Ghasts use combat and using the same method to fight back has proven to be quite successful and effective. The players should make it their mission in game to find a bow and arrow to fight off the ghasts when they appear. Instead of using bow and arrow, several players even end up using a crossbow which is another great option for eliminating and killing the ghasts. Ghasts has a tendency to float around quickly; therefore, the players must practice the aim to make sure their shooting method works. A ghast does in a couple of hits of the arrow.

Fishing rod

Ghasts have the ability to shoot the players from quite far if they spot the players and mob is aggravated. For players, it can be hard to shoot back at the ghast if it is far away from them. This is why many players use fishing rods. Fishing rod can be great for a player that does not know how to use bow and arrow properly. A fishing rod can be used to lure in the ghast and then engaging in a combat battle. Fishing rides can help in bringing the ghasts closer to the players and thereby, help in finishing them off.  After the ghast is at close proximity, the player can use their choice of weapon to kill the ghast and overcome the challenge.

Return to sender

Another great way to kill ghasts is by earning the achievement known as return to sender. This method can even help in killing the ghast instantly with a fireball. This is by far, the easiest and most effective methods to kill ghasts in Minecraft.