Virtual Mailbox- Mailing Letter

There was a time when letters where the only means of communication among two or more people living thousands of miles apart from each other until the telephone came into being thanks to Alexander Graham Bell that became a revolutionary in the 19th century.

Telegram continued to be an easier means where you just had to pen down a few words with the word ‘stop’ every now and then but to convey the message in its entirety it was a letter that was the best of the lot.

Slowly times started to change when the internet revolution took the entire world by storm in the 80s although its major boom period was limited to North America and a few European nations as they were developed economically compared to the eastern world.



New Age Means

We are now in the second decade of the 21st century and software technology has acquired a virtual and digital outlook of sorts ever since the social media revolution changed everything in the early 2000s.

Intel was the leading internet giant in the 90s followed by Google where e-mail became a practiced form of communication among office bearers that used to send and receive letters for official purposes.

Nowadays email is used even amongst friends and relatives that became a precursor for the popularity of internet language where words were shortened like for example ‘you’ came to be written as ‘u’ and many others.

Virtual Mailbox has become the new age norm due to the fact that PC has given way to laptop, which in turn has given way for mobile and tablet computer that has made people totally dependent upon it.

Virtual Mailbox is now used for startup business, travelling and virtual meeting online in order to check the mail without physically going to the mailbox, which continues to be upgraded.

This has made easier to gain access to virtual mail in more ways than one and this has led to increase in mailbox services for both businessmen and travel jockeys that they utilize to the fullest potential.

Traveling Mailbox was an unheard phenomenon in the email world but now with numerous platform services being just a click away, travelling has become easy to manage compared to the past.

List of Platforms

  1. Inc File– All you need is a fixed virtual address to be able to correspond with other people where your emails can be scanned and uploaded to a secure portal and keeping your actual address private at the same time
  2. Anytime Mailbox– This platform offers a digital mailbox for its users where they can preview their digital address as soon as relocate to another place through training process
  3. Alliance Virtual Offices– This one is perfect for businessmen where they are allotted a flexible time slot for working and saving enough in order to expand their business for future endeavors with an added cache being that your mobile number is secure so that business can be started immediately
  4. Switch– It is quicker and easier to send and receive mails through this platform where you can print and post numerous documents on the web browser