What Are The Effects And Appearance Of Using Delta 8? Discuss

The Delta 8 disposable, as seen here on Amazon, is a relatively inexpensive way to get your hands on some of the best weed strains available. The package includes two pre-rolled joints that are both high quality and highly potent — especially since they’re so cheap.

If you’ve ever wondered which one might be the strongest, I have good news for you. There isn’t a single strain in this lineup that won’t deliver an exceptional buzz in either form.

In fact, we can confidently say that all eight of these products are great options for anyone looking to buy weed online without having to spend too much money or risk getting caught with illegal substances. You really don’t need anything else when it comes to buying weed online, because these Delta products will serve you well.

I’ll show you why below.

Delta 8 D10

This is the cheapest option at $24.99/each for a pack of two. It’s also the most popular one in the line, due to its affordability and overall potency. If you want to try your hand at growing weed, this will probably be the strain you grow first.

Here, an endocannabinoid system is present that will help you to form a regulation in your body. There are some common effects of using delta-8 which is uplifting feelings and increasing focus. You will get relaxation by consuming this substance which is beneficial for overall health by checking the best delta 8 brands reviews.


These look like normal pre-rolled joints, but they’re actually coated with cannabis oil. That makes them far more potent than normal joints, since oil has been shown to make a product up to 40% stronger.

The coating isn’t visible during normal lighting conditions, but it will become visible under fluorescent lights. In other words, if someone was to walk by and look at your stash right now, you wouldn’t know it was cannabis oil unless they knew what they were looking for.

As far as appearances go, they’re just as beautiful as any other joint out there. They’re very smooth and easy to roll, and they come packed with a generous amount of herb.


You’ll notice right away that these joints produce a strong euphoria. This is no surprise, since this is the same strain that’s used in many of the other Delta products. But this one is a bit different from the rest, since it contains CBD (cannabidiol) instead of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

CBD has been found to reduce anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, while increasing happiness and overall mood. This is a nice bonus if you’re suffering from any of those issues, but you can still enjoy the euphoric effects of this strain even if you’re not feeling particularly depressed.

Overall, this is a great choice for people who want to start their journey into cannabis edibles. It’s not quite as intense as the others in the series, but it does offer plenty of benefits for those who need relief from various physical ailments.

Delta 8 D4

This one is slightly less expensive at $29.99/joint, making it even cheaper than the D10. It also contains THC only, which means it should provide a stronger sensation than CBD-only strains.


This looks exactly like the D10, except it’s painted red instead of white. It doesn’t contain any cannabis oil, so it won’t glow under fluorescent lights. But it looks awesome regardless, since it’s got a little bit more color than the original.


You can feel this one coming a mile away. It hits hard and fast, giving you a head-to-toe rush of energy that lasts throughout the entire experience.

It’s definitely one of the strongest options in the whole line, but it’s not quite as powerful as the D10. If you’re trying to decide between these two, the D10 is better for recreational users, while the D4 is a better choice for medical patients.

Delta 8 D6

This is the third and final strain in the series, with a price tag of $39.99/joint. While it’s not quite as strong as the previous two, it does have a higher THC content, meaning it packs a bigger punch than the D4.


Like the D4, this one is painted white. It also doesn’t contain any cannabis oil, meaning it doesn’t glow under fluorescent lights. But it still looks pretty cool, thanks to that extra layer of paint.


There’s nothing subtle about this one, especially compared to the D4. With a hefty THC concentration, it gives off a heavy body high that will leave you feeling wired, happy, and extremely motivated. It’s also a great choice for people who want to stay up late and party until dawn.

Delta 8 D5

This is the last and least expensive strain in the line, priced at $49.99 per joint. Unlike the others, it contains both THC and CBD. This allows you to choose between the effects of each, depending on your needs and preferences.


This one is painted yellow, which makes it stand out among the others. It also glows green under fluorescent light, which is another unique feature.


Since this one contains both THC and CBD, it’s a great choice if you’re looking for something with a balanced effect. It provides a mild high, so you won’t feel completely stoned. Instead, you’ll find yourself feeling pleasantly relaxed.

If you’re looking for something more intense than the others in the series, then the D5 would be a perfect fit. It’s great for people who want to medicate themselves after work or before bedtime.

Delta 8 D7

This is the last strain of the series, and it’s the most expensive at $59.99/joint. Just like the D8, this one contains THC and CBD, allowing you to pick whichever combination works best for you.


This one is painted blue. And although it’s not glowing green under fluorescent lights, it still stands out against the rest of the group.


Although not as strong as the others in the series, this one is still a great choice for recreational users. It’s a little lighter than the others, so it won’t knock you over as hard, but it will still give you a nice high that will keep you entertained for hours on end.