Wrong Exercises May Increase Stomach Fat Area

If you can’t find that special exercise program that will remove your belly fat, I have a solution that requires no exercise: liposuction. For some people, the idea of surgery is a viable solution because it is a quick, surgical solution to losing belly fat. Pills and supplements are not the answer. The ab cruncher and the diet approach don’t work. But maybe you know this from experience.

Take just a few minutes to read the next paragraphs. I am going to provide you with the information you wanted to know but has been overshadowed by the TV ads and health magazines. It’s not complex and yes it has been proven with thousands of people who successfully shed that belly fat. First, a few relevant facts, oops I mean facts.

People who dislike exercise but know it is good for them will compromise with a mindless cardio routine while watching TV, then do ten repetitions of leg lifts and arm curls using 3-pound weights, and finish the morning exercise routine with 20 side bends. They are convinced that this is doing something useful toward losing belly fat. After two to four months, they have not lost their belly fat but they have not been strained with exercise. The Fat remains!

The food industry does a better job of advertising than the ab cruncher manufacturers. Here are a few misconceptions.

There are many myths regarding foods that can help you reduce the size of your stomach area, click here for a complete list of such food items. For brevity let’s mention two myths here. Wheat-based products are healthful. Foods that contain wheat products are often not healthy because the digestion of wheat is difficult. Products such as pasta, crackers, bread, and many products that have “whole wheat” on the label. Are fruit juices not so good? Fruit juices are not a complete food since the fiber has been removed. Without the fiber, you are left with a craving for some more food like chips or crackers. Now this will increase the blood sugar response which doesn’t help fat loss.

As people age, their metabolism slows down which causes the body to store fat more than muscle, especially for women. Fat storage also shifts from hips and thighs to the midsection, especially for men. It is the redistribution of body fat that causes a person’s waist to increase without gaining any weight. What this means to you is that your redistributed fat isn’t just sitting there waiting to be burned away, it is actually producing hormones that are making you fatter. Let’s try to avoid some delicious foods (previous paragraph) to help the fat go away. Now for part two of losing belly fat: proper exercise.

  • The Up-side-down Unicycle

Lie on your back on a comfortable exercise mat with your fingers behind your head. Don’t tense or pull your neck. Then raise your knees towards your chest and lift your shoulder blades off the mat. Straighten your right leg to about a 45-degree angle then turn your upper body to the left and bring your right elbow towards the bent left knee. Alternate sides and bring the left elbow towards the right knee. There you have done it. Continue in this cycling motion for between 15 and 25 reps.

  • Swimming Sprints

Doing a few laps casually gliding along may tone your muscles, but it won’t help you lose fat. You need to get your upper body pumping with some sprint swimming.